Analysis of Blessing Essay

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Analysis of Blessing

The structure of the stanzas is a metaphor for the water in the pump. “The skin cracks like a pod. There is never enough water.”

This is the first stanza it is very short just as the water is only dripping. As we go further the stanzas get longer “Sometimes, the sudden rush of fortune… plastic buckets, frantic hands,”

This stanza shows the pipe bursting and water rushing out and in the poem this is shown by the size of the stanza.

The sentence structure is also a metaphor for the water. “The skin cracks like a pod. There is never enough water.”

Here the sentences are short just as they are short of water, where as in the third stanza the sentences get longer. “From
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“Flashing light, as the blessing sings, over their small bones.” In this poem the water is also a metaphor for religion. The flashing light is the light of god and the water splashing over there small bones, is symbolising baptism.

Nothings changed

The poem is set out in six stanzas, each of eight fairly short lines. This kind of regularity in the layout creates a sense of control: the poet is very clear about what he is feeling and not suddenly flying into a rage.

But within that pattern the length of the sentences varies from a whole stanza to just two words. To explore the effect of the sentence structure in the poem, look at these examples:

The structure is clearly divided into six stanzas, each of eight fairly short lines, appropriate for the clearly divided apartheid society and for a poem about ” District Six. ‘

The rhyme of, ‘heels’, ‘seeds’ and ‘weeds’ perhaps suggests the footsteps that the stanza begins with.

The second stanza concentrates on strong images of body parts.

“But my feet know, and my hands, and the skin about my bones, and the soft labouring of my lungs, and the hot white, inward turning anger of my eyes.”

This could be suggesting how closely the poet’s is tied to the place.

The third stanza uses angry words like, ‘brash’,

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