Analysis of Fredrick Douglass´ Narrative of the Life

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The eradication of humanity and reduction of slaves to the status of worthless beast continued. Copious individuals, unwilling to accept their faith and to be classified as a thing, contested their situation using different types of opposition that ranged from day to day resistance to large scaled and organized rebellion. In Frederick Douglass’ Narrative of the Life, the author demonstrated the truth of being a human being who disinclined to be classified as an inferior subhuman as he used an assortment of methods to oppose the system he was born into. Slaves, helpless of being born or sold into the system, used various forms of resistance to combat their inhumane and unjust enslavement while holding on to the tiny seed of hope for an escape.
The institution of slavery, built on racial superiority and perpetuated through numerous economic, cultural, and legal structures, and collectively accepted practices, created a society in which white men exploit fellow human beings of darker complexion. As superior beings, slave-owners created efficient labor-producing tools by dehumanizing Africans and instituting fear through psychological manipulation and physical violence. One way that planation owner established fear was to internalize external surveillance in which the slaves…
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