Analysis of Kant Essay

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Analysis of Kant The philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote this passage in hopes that we understand the world better. Kant is trying to tell us that there are many things that evolve around this world and that every little single detail that we do makes the world what it is. In this passage Kant uses the term enlightenment which basically means its a form of being informed spiritually to us as humans where we must release what the world has set in sight for us and go through our own knowledge to live through life. Its basically forgetting about what others teach us or had planned for us to do and make up our own path where we therefore have our own freedom to …show more content…

Kant mentions "external direction" from which it was long gone. This might mean the free will that we all possess, I believe that the world is not intended to be a fixed society where God has already set a path for all beings since he created this earth of ours. I do however believe that God has probably made a path for all individuals but only a positive path since God is only made of goodness within himself. It's the evil that opens up the free will and that's why God created the devil. God has given humans a choice either to do well or follow the path that's intended to be in store for that particular individual or commit the evil. God created the world so that he can see with his own eyes what he had created, whether his creation was worthwhile or a disappointment in God's mind. So the free will that God has given to us is what makes the world as interesting as it is.

In this picture we can see a man separated from two zones where one part of the body is in one end and the other on the other dominant end. There's a rainbow like layer blocking the man from entering into the other zone. To my belief, it's the inability of humans giving an extra effort to pass through into the Promised Land. Ever since God created the first humans Adam and Eve, Adam ate the

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