Analysis of 'Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God'

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Analyzing the Angry Text Through the use of a negative connotation, an angry tone, and fearful figurative language Jonathan Edwards attempts to persuade the audience that without being born again you will be condemned to hell. This excerpt from "Sinners in the Hands of an angry God" written by Jonathan Edwards is very argumentative and attempts a high level of persuasion. The authors style of writing is very appropriate for the specific topic and also causes a great deal of reactions from the audience. Some of the overall reaction was caused by the use of words that are usually not spoken in everyday society, such as "hell". His style also helps him achieve his purpose because it causes the audience to pay attention and be focused on …show more content…

"O sinner! Consider the fearful danger you are in" (Edwards 48). That passage described the demanding nature of the author and his anger while he was demanding. Edwards also expresses his anger in the following passage "...while you are pining and perishing!" (50). Edwards attempts to persuade the audience by demanding them to be born again while using an angry tone. Figurative language was used a great deal in this passage in order to make the passage more persuasive. The metaphor

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