Analysis of Sohini Kar´s Recovering Debts: Microfinance Loan Officers and the Work of ”Proxy-creditors” in India

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How does the text circulate?
Sohini Kar is an American anthropologist and a Harvard Fellow. Her primary interest of research is anthropology in regards to economy, finance, development and debt. Sohini Kar is the author of the article, "Recovering debts: Microfinance loan officers and the work of ”proxy-creditors” in India." One can infer this article is meant for other anthropologists who are interested in the economy and the global finance system. In Kar’s introduction she dives into the world of loan officers and their relationship to the borrowers. Throughout the text she introduces several theories of ethical practices and relationships to the lender and the borrower. In order to support her argument, she incorporates other theories from various anthropologists to solidify her thoughts.

What is it about, empirically?
Sohini Kar’s article revolves around the global financial market. However, her central focus is in Kolkata, India, where many who live in the slums owe microloans to private banks. The issue Kar raises is in a national platform, due to the fact that 60% of Indian population lacks formal financial services (481). This is a national issue due to fact that it traps many of their citizens in a never-ending cycle of debt, with no proper oversight. The time of her study was from 2009 to 2011, right after the financial crisis in Western countries. The author makes a comparison of the different dynamics loan officers are exposed to in terms of culture in India.

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