Analysis of Transformers: Dark of The Moon Directed by Micheal Bay

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Transformers: Dark of The Moon, was an exceptional movie. The movie is about a group of aliens from a planet called Cybertron coming to take refuge in Earth. Directed by Micheal Bay . In this movie, a civil war broke out in a foreign planet Cybertron between the autobots and the decepticons. And in order to rebuild what was destroyed someone has betrayed their side .It is an action movie with a great soundtrack and I really like how in like every movie they play “Linkin Park”. The direction was really good things seemed to blow up when they needed to. And one of my favorite things about this movie was the photography it was used so the emotions and the wreckage was shown so clearly and it was just so easy to understand. …show more content…

However one thing that I didn’t like was how pretty much every girl was dressed in something provocative. To me that bothers me because I don’t think that all women should be portrayed like that. It’s like its telling women “hey this is what you need to look like and dress like and act”. I personally would very much want to see the film again. Absolutely it was such a great film. I mean in my opinion it wasn’t perfect but it was still a great movie and I would watch it again in a heartbeat .It had great examples of action and a great portrayal love. Do I recommend this movie? Yes!, yes I do it was a wonderful film and it did have some kind of personal effect on me as well like I personally think that this movie was made so you can see what the problems are in terms of the real world. To me the problem was leadership and control. The main reason the decepticons were there was to gain control and live to benefit themselves and their planet. Near the end there is a betrayal for position, in terms of who’s in charge. So I feel like in this world society has a painted picture of how everyone’s family should look. And I feel like people are fighting to gain that position of power or leadership to make changes either for the better or for worse it all depends on the person’s point of view. So in this diverse country how can we learn to accept eachother and ourselves? well i think that the best way is to provide empathy and have

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