Analysis of Why the Pledge of Allegiance Should Be Revised

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Analysis of Why the Pledge of Allegiance Should Be Revised Why the pledge of allegiance should be revised, by Gwen Wilde, is a very well written essay that the reader would most likely deem convincing. Gwen Wilde states that the Pledge in its latest from simply requires all Americans to say the phrase “one nation, under God,” when many Americans do not believe in God. She uses many different writing strategies to get her point across in a very precise and appropriate manner. Although there are some minor problems, this analysis will explain how Gwen Wilde uses certain writing strategies that are able to back her argument with a very convincing approach. In the essay, the author appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos very well. Although she …show more content…

Although some statistical evidence given is not backed with proper citations, the reader can find that the evidence given is effective in proving her point. Gwen Wilde gives many clear definitions that would not confuse the reader in any way. She also uses certain quotes and definitions from credible people that she gives another take on. For example, Chief Justice Rehnquist is quoted in the essay calling the phrase “under God” a “descriptive phrase.” Chief Rehnquist says this in a quote stating in short that the phrase should not be taken terribly seriously. Wilde questions this idea and use of terminology stating that a “descriptive phrase” describes something real or imagined, but the phrase “under God” does not describe something real to many Americans. In the essay, there are many premises that draw logical conclusions. The author may seem repetitive with the conclusions given, considering the topic is not very broad, but the premises are all different and truthful. A very convincing use of deduction by the author would be that the pledge must and should mean what it says. Since not everyone in America can say it with meaning, it should not be included in the Pledge. In other words these premises are true and draw the main conclusion that the Pledge of Allegiance should be revised. Gwen Wilde uses her writing technique in her essay to give a well written argument that I think would definitely convince her target

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