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Analysis of William Shakespeare's Hamlet The entire world, be it in the past, present or future, is entirely made up of a series of events inspired by a series of actions. The character Hamlet is a very careful man in determining how his actions will follow out throughout the course of the future. He is a very intelligent man, continuously calculating each of his moves to eventually gain the throne of Denmark that is rightfully his. In Act V scene I of the play, Hamlet abandons this …show more content…

Of course his main intention was to have his uncle Claudius release the throne; be it from a public denouncing or through murder. However, this accomplishment had to be achieved through such means that Hamlet would appear as a hero before the nation. In gaining popularity of the court and public, Hamlet could finally reveal the truth about the evil involved in his father’s death. Hamlet would then finally find peace in his troubled soul.

Scene one begins with Hamlet and Horatio walking through a graveyard. The two eventually come upon a pair of peasants conversing in song despite the fact that they are in the dismal act of digging a grave. Hamlet and the first peasant exchange greetings and begin to advance more and more into a sophisticated manner of speaking. Throughout recent events, Hamlet had constantly defeated everyone through his effective use of language. An example of this took place when he made a mockery of his uncle before the court. However, in this encounter with the gravedigger, Hamlet is somewhat intimidated by a mere peasant. Hamlet therefore attempts to prove his superiority in nobility and speech by becoming more and more elaborate in talking about the skulls of the graveyard. Hamlet speaks of the skull as perhaps being “Cain’s jaw bone, that did the first murder! This might be the pate of a politician,

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