Essay on Analysis of YouTube Video Wealth Inequality in America

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Wealth inequality; its not a topic many people would choose to make a YouTube video about. However, earlier this year a video regarding this very topic went viral and received over 12 million views on YouTube. It is titled, Wealth Inequality in America, which was produced by the YouTube user Politizane. The issue of wealth inequality across the United States is well known, but this video shows you the magnitude of the disproportion in intense and illustrative manner. It uses charts to explain in the simplest of forms, the issue of inequality. The video is a little over six minutes long. It isn’t very showy but does illustrate the point the creators are trying to make very clearly. The series of charts are accompanied by what seems to be a …show more content…

The video then goes on to identify who the one percent is, including celebrities and political figures. It even goes on to compare the amount of work done by the 1percent in comparison to those in the middle class. All of the data is presented in such a simple manner so that many can understand the issue of wealth inequality throughout the United States. The creators of this video use a voice over paired with light background music in order to prove to the audience the disparity in wealth amongst Americans. Usually when a socioeconomic topic as this one, is discussed, there is a high use of political jargon accompanied with it. However, this is not the case. The voice-over presents the information that I believe is simple enough for the average high- school student to understand. Of course, there are some political/economic phrases used due to the nature of the video, but it is wither explained by the voice-over or the array of visual aids. The light background music is subtle and does not disturb the projection of the video. The music does its job. When a topic like this is involved it can be presented in a boring manner. The music paired with visual aids allow for the information to be presented in a melodic pattern that allows for the audience to stay interested in what is being discussed,

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