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A Century in the Sun

7 Terms from the film
1. Standard Oil: only company in the industry to guarantee a uniformed quality of kerosene. It became the most sought out product in the country, bringing in investor after investor. Standard Oil is the country’s first monopoly, Rockefeller was in charge.
2. Monopoly: a market structure in which one firm has complete control oversupply allowing to set a profit maximizing price. A market complete dominated by a single firm where it has complete control over total supply. They produce the unique product with no substitutes, the firm is a price maker and by changing supply the can charge what they want to maximize profit.
3. Harpers Weekly: was an American magazine that was for the emancipation and …show more content…

3. Henry Flagler: influenced the development of Florida’s east coast, for example he was responsible for the Florida East Coast Railway, throughout his life time he made a contribution to Florida’s economy with the help of tourism and agriculture. He joined Rockefeller to the finding of Standard Oil. He constructed a hotel called Ponce de Leon in St. Augustine and produced a railroad system for more people to visit Florida.
4. Mary Lily Kenan: third wife of Henry Flagler, they moved to Palm Beach estate. Flagler had a wedding present for Mary called the Whitehall, which is now the Flagler Museum, it was originally for wealthy Americans in the Gilded Age.
5. Ida Alice: after two years of Henry’s first wife death he married Ida in 1881. They traveled to St. Augustine together and this is where Flagler saw his vision of hotels and transportation here. Ida was diagnosed with a mental illness and he eventually divorced her and remarried right away.
6. Andrew Anderson: was born in St. Augustine was a physician, philanthropist, and helped construct the city of St. Augustine by adding multiple works of art.
7. Julia Tuttle: born in Ohio, 1848 is recognized as the one female founder of an American city. She convinced Flagler to extend his new railway to the Miami River which is now today Downtown Miami.
Summary of Henry Flagler’s life On January 22, 1912 Henry Flagler

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