Analytical Essay On Antigone

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Antigone Essay In my opinion, Antigone is a brave, confident and independent woman who accepts consequences, shows great love for her family and respects the gods. But she also has some negative personalities like being aggressive, a rule breaker, overdramatic, a risk taker and having a bad reputation in her family. Over all Antigone made much better decisions than Creon did by having a less serious tragic flaw, being a determined young women and not letting her curse on her family affect her decision making. Antigone’s tragic flaw is being an aggressive risk taker. She proved that she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants and she won’t stop until she gets it. Her risk was going against the law and burying her beloved brother in honor of his death. She knew the consequence of this action was going to be death, making it her tragic flaw. She states, “Then I beg you: kill me.” Now that she's gotten her wish by burying her brother, she is accepting her punishment of death. This flaw has affected Creon greatly because Antigone is now his enemy and an enemy that will never give up is indomitable. In Ancient Greece, women were meant to be treated like slaves and men were always meant to boss them around. Antigone proved she was a strong and an independent woman by standing up to Creon for what she did. She says, “I do. I deny nothing.” This proves that Antigone is not ashamed for claiming her guilt to Creon. I feel like Creon should of taken consideration that it was

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