Analyze a Sociological Issue

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Analyze a Sociological Issue Social Inequality and Minorities in the United States 10/24/2010 In this course I have learned about different social problems in societies worldwide. Some of these include poverty, social inequality, discrimination of race and culture, urbanization, and more. After learning all these subjects and more, I have decided to do my final on social inequality and minorities in the United States. I chose this particular topic because I have seen this in almost every place have lived. I find it appalling that minorities are still not treated 100% equal. We as Americans know what inequality is and know how it is used in our everyday society. I want to explore this topic and show how real and big this…show more content…
They have had to deal with numerous inequalities throughout time. After slavery they were not given equal rights. There were many rights rallies and according to the statistics, they are still not receiving equal pay. There used to be restaurants that would not serve a person of color and they were even told they could only sit in the back of buses. Though we have overcome most of this we have not overcome hate crimes. Every group has encountered unequal or cruel treatment based on nothing more than a characteristic about them. Though the hate crime rate had dropped in 2007 there was a rise of anti-gay crime. Now with the new election the hate crime rate has risen again. This shows the problem is not diminishing and that we need to find a way to get this under control. Criminal justice is another area of social inequality for minorities in the U.S. Getting a fair trial is difficult is one is accused of a crime that is a stereotype. If a minority is accused of rape, murder, theft, assault, or many other crimes, it may be hard to get a fair trial if the jury basis the evidence against stereotypes. Another aspect to this is that minorities are not given as many options as others. If they are in lower income areas, have less education or just less options general their chances of living a life of crime is high. Our human instincts
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