Analyzing Andy Jackson 's Tears Of A Tiger

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Analyzing Andy Jackson in Tears of a Tiger High school is a big time for change in a teenagers life. They go through problems with friends, family, grades, and sports. For Andy Jackson, a 17 year old student at Hazelwood High School, he went through all of those troubles. He plays for the basketball team with his friends Rob Washington, Tyrone Mills, and B.J. Carson. One night after basketball practice, Andy was drinking alcohol and driving which led them to get in a car crash. Andy, Tyrone, and B.J. escaped the car with a few cuts and bruises, but Rob got stuck and burned to death. Rob’s death brought Andy to blame himself. He turns away from his friends, his girlfriend, Keisha, and his family. Andy changes negatively after the car crash; he becomes insecure, he closes up his feelings, and he turns emotionally weak.
To begin with, Andy used to be known as the outgoing teammate. His team looked up to him and even though he didn’t have the best grades in school, his classmates envied his confidence. Andy says to Rob after practice and before the crash, “‘You better be lookin’ out for me- here’s my card- Andy Jackson- superstar shooter and lover to the ladies…’” Andy would compete with his friends and boast about his skills on the court and in the locker room. It demonstrates how proud he is of his basketball achievements. Immediately after the accident, Andy becomes insecure. He shows up late to the first home basketball game after Rob’s death. Rob was the captain of the

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