Analyzing Kate Chopin’s: The Story of an Hour Essay

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The mysteries of love, hate, and compassion are all part of marriage. The mysteries of the heart are felt in the short story, The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin (Clugston, 2010, sec 2.1). This story pulls you in with the suspense of Mrs. Mallard’s heart condition and the idea of her husband’s death. When you first begin to read this story you get a feeling of compassion for Mrs. Mallard having a heart condition. As the reader you receive sadness within you to know the revealing of her husband’s death may harm her in some way, only to find out that love isn’t that simple and maybe it was the news of her husband being alive that killed her. In this story the narrator focuses on how Mrs. Mallard copes with the death of her husband. The …show more content…

The use of symbolism which the narrator uses is creative. In order to grasp the true meaning of this story you really need to open the imagination as well as have an idea of how many marriages function out of the eyes of most people. In the phrase “There were patches of blue sky showing here and there through the clouds that had met and piled one above the other in the west facing her window” (Clugston, 2010, sec 2.1), this may be symbolic of how Mrs. Mallard’s life was. The patches of blue sky could be the turmoil she felt in her marriage and the turmoil’s (clouds) just kept building up in her life creating conflict about her true feeling for her husband. Conflict in Mrs. Mallard’s emotions set the stage for the theme of a woman broken from the news of her husband’s death however Mrs. Mallard is also feeling emancipation. A new beginning in life has commenced. “She was beginning to recognize this thing that was approaching to possess her, and she was striving to beat it back with her will” (Clugston, 2010, sec 2.1) brings a focus to the reader that Mrs. Mallard is possibly feeling a sense of guilt for feeling somewhat happy about her new beginning and still feeling sad from the death of a man she had created a life around. The idea that her life will finally be her own and no longer existing for someone else may bring

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