Analyzing Richard Carver's 'The Bath'

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1. What is the title of the text and what is the text about?
The Bath by Richard Carver (Carver, 1989). The text is about a mother and father worried about their son Scotty, because he was struck by a vehicle while walking to school. Scotty is currently in a coma at the hospital. Scotty’s mother has ordered a cake for his 8th birthday and the baker attempts to call several times since the cake is ready for pickup, during which he interrupted the father’s bath twice and the mothers once. The characters seem to lack emotion, and keep communication to a minimum even between the parents (Carver, 1989).

2. What is the author’s view? How do I know?
That life is fragile, indefinite and full of conflict are what I feel the author is trying …show more content…

While they are waiting the mother pretends to be someone else as she watches out the window and observes a woman drive away from the hospital (Carver, 1989.) The mothers fear is evident here, wishing she could be someone else and not have to handle having her son possibly dying.

6. Have I heard/read anything similar or dissimilar? What was it?
I don’t believe I have read anything similar to this type of work. Most of us have observed similar stories or heard of them during our lifetime, after all communication is something that is lacking in most people. Internal conflict is also apparent in most lives at some point conversely, external conflict can be found in everyday life matters of almost every person.

7. Do I agree or disagree with the views expressed by the author? Why?
I agree with Carvers’ views on life expressed in this story. The views could be examples of real life situations of an everyday life. Carver expresses how real life is full of love, loss, turmoil and conflict, while also showing how lack of communication is a common issue in the

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