Analyzing The Tj Maxx Data Security Fiasco Essay

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On January 2007 a press release was issued according to CPA journal article “Analyzing the TJ Maxx Data Security Fiasco” that TJX Companies, Inc. the parent company to retail stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and A.J Wright stores; computer systems had been breached and that customers’ information had been stolen. (Berg, G. 2008, August) This data breach became the largest one of it’s kind because during the investigation there was reported that approximately 94 million Visa and MasterCard accounts had been compromised (Berg, G. 2008, August).


Three different areas of vulnerabilities was identify as the result of this data breach. The hackers where able to take advantage of these vulnerabilities and use them gain the customers of TJX Companies, Inc. retail stores valuable and trusted private information that was in trust to them.
1st Vulnerabilities
The first area that the hackers attacked was inadequate wireless network security; this is how the hacker gains access into the TJX Companies, Inc. system. From the investigation it was found that a retail store was using wire equivalent privacy (WEP) protocol. WEP is a weak security protocol that can be easily cracked. The current industry stand requires the use of WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) protocol or higher to protect you wireless network (Berg, G. 2008, August). Hackers used this first vulnerability to gain access into the TJX Companies, Inc. system and were able to move on from the

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