Anaylsis of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie Essay

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The book that I read was called “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie. This version of the book was published in 2001, originally published as Ten Little Niggers. This book takes place along the time of World War II on a dreary island that no one knows where it is. Ten people were invited to this island off of the coast of England for one soul purpose. They were morally guilty of the death of someone to which they had gotten away with. The main idea of this book is that things do come back to haunt you and justice is served in the end.

The main characters of this book are Lawrence Wargrave, Vera Claythorne, Mrs. Owen and Philip Lombardo. Lawrence Wargrave is a retired and very successful lawyer. With his lawyer background he is …show more content…

They all arrive and are sent to their rooms and told that the supposed owner of the island has not arrived yet. They all settle in their rooms and they are sitting down for dinner when they hear an announcement over the intercom they supposed crimes that they had done that the guests thought they had gotten away with. The killings start at dinner with the killings following the poem Ten Little Indians. This kept the reader knowing what would happen next but not knowing when it would happen. The external conflict was character vs. society, this was because the character doesn’t know who the killer is and is watching out for everyone. The other factor is that now they murderers deepest darkest secrets are out in the air. The things that they thought they had gotten away with they hadn’t fully gotten away with. The internal conflict is character vs. self because they were fighting to stay alive and stay cheerful with all of the stuff that is happening. Another character vs self conflict is that they need to stay on their games knowing that people now know what they had done in the past once the recording was played. The author does a good job keeping the plot rolling within the book, and makes you keep reading and reading.

The three real apparent themes in this story is justice is served, how guilt makes you feel and the Ten Little Indians poem. I really enjoyed this book because of

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