Ancient Egyptian Slavery

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Ancient Cultures Ancient Egyptian Slavery In ancient Egypt a slave was defined as person kept in servitude as property of a person or household. In Egyptian society you would keep your civil rights even though you were a slave. In Egypt it was the master’s duties to take care of the slaves and treat them right. Because it was part of the master’s duties at times slaves would have a higher status and better living than free people.
In ancient Egypt there were different types of slaves and different was to become a slave. Person would become an indentured servant if he or she owed a debt. People also became indentured servant to escape poverty and to gain status. A person could also become a slave if he or she was convicted of a crime. The person in charge had the authority to give the punishment of forced labor, and people in forced labor did not get the same rights and privileges as other slaves. A person could also become slave through war. It was quite common in ancient culture the losing side’s warriors would become slaves for labor.
Ancient Roman Slavery
The ancient Roman society was heavily dependent on slavery. Slavery allowed the romans to build up their empire and economy. In the Roman Empire slaves did not have rights which differ from slavery in Ancient Egypt. The master of slaves in the Roman Empire had power over life or death. The master could kill his slave without warning or reason and would not receive any form of punishment. Even though slaves did not

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