Andre Derain London Bridge Essay examples

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Cheryl Alberti
Art Appreciation - Midterm
September 5th, 2010

“Andre Derain, London Bridge”

Visual Elements

Line - I believe implied lines were used in this painting. Some edges are clear with a defined start and finish. The line weight varies. The lines also vary in width and length. Mostly straight lines with a few curves.
Shape - The shapes range from rectangles, arches, and squares, to blurs that appear to be buildings in the far back corner.
Mass - I believe the mass is actual. The Bridge itself is the bulk of the artwork, its mass size stretches across the painting.
Space - Space is created by the placement of the bridge and the buildings in the background. 1. Two Dimensional - The water and the boats appear to …show more content…

Motion can be possible with the fact that the boat appears to be going into the tunnel and the water appears to have movement. 1. Implying Motion - Derain chose to use brushstrokes that would imply that the water was moving making motion appear possible. 2. Actual Motion -
Light- Discrimination between light and dark.

1. Seeing light - Light appears to be reflecting in the water and in the skies horizon. The waters value is of a lighter choice of colors where as the tunnels and the buildings depths are darker. 2. Implied Light - Chiaroscuro is used for the tunnels and the buildings to show depth. The water definitely has strong value contrasts where as the buildings in the back going into the distance have minimal contrasts. 3. Light as a Medium - The pigments used carry the medium in the painting.
Color - Color is definitely an important fact in this piece. This particular artist developed Fauvism along with Henri Matisse. Using bold colors and exaggerating color in their art. Derain was known as a Les Fauves painter. Les Fauves believed that color should be used to express the artists feelings about a subject, rather than simply describe what it looks like. This painting has two main characteristics a simplified drawing with exaggerated color.
Texture - The texture used in the London Bridge creates the feeling of the art. The texture used is implied.

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