Andrew Carnegie vs. Henry George

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How did Andrew Carnegie’s views of the obligations of wealthy people compare with those of Henry George? In the gilded ages dating back to the nineteenth century both Andrew Carnegie and Henry George were known as very influential men of their time both striving towards the common goal of deflating poverty in hopes to diminish it as a whole. Though both Andrew and Henry shared a similar feat they had very different approaches and ideas of methodizing the overall goal. Carnegie was a shrewes businessman who viewed it to be acceptable for very rich and very poor people to co-exist as long as the rich provided that their surpluses aspired the community with parks or libraries for example to better themselves known as the "lasting good," and…show more content…
Just the other day it was noted on the news about UC Davis’s newest addition to their campus. A multi-million dollar brewery research building was built and is now open. The new addition was all privately funded by someone extremely wealthy.
Is aggregation of wealth good for progress? Our earth has two poles, the South Pole and the North Pole. Our society also has two poles, the “poor pole” and the “rich pole”. Can you image that when the rich
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