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On March 15, 1767 Andrew Jackson is born in Waxhaw, Carolina just a while before his father dies. Later at age 24 Andrew Jackson would serve in various armed groups in defense against Native American attacks on people from 1789-1796. In 1802, Six years after Andrew Jackson serving against the Natives, Andrew Jackson gets elected as Major General of the Tennessee Militia. In June of 1812, Two years after Andrew Jackson is elected General, the U.S. declares war against Great Britain. Later Great Britain would ally itself with Native American tribes causing Andrew Jackson to lead troops to the Natchez through January to March, then on July 27 the Creek Native americans battle at Burnt creek against Andrew Jackson. On August 30, 1813 Native Americans…show more content…
Then later on October 20, 1819 Andrew Jackson signs a treaty with the Choctaws giving them six thousand dollars annually for fifteen years for their land and will be removed and relocated. On February 19, 1821 Andrew Jackson is appointed as Territorial Governor Of Florida. On June 1 1821 Andrew Jackson resigns army commission, later he Meets with Creek and Seminole Chiefs for negotiations of territory and relocation. In November 13, 1821 Andrew Jackson resigns as Governor and returns to Florida to organize the first territorial government for it. On July 20, 1823 Andrew Jackson us Nominated for President by Tennessee Legislature, and then it elects Andrew Jackson as U.S. Senator on October 1, 1823. The next year on March 4, 1824 Andrew Jackson is Nominated President by the Pennsylvania convention, then in November Andrew Jackson receives the Popular and the Electoral votes in the Presidential election, but on February 9, 1825 Andrew Jackson loses the election to John Quincy Adams, and then on October 12, 1825 Andrew Jackson resigns from his Senate seat. Three years later in November Andrew Jackson is elected President of the United…show more content…
On August 23, 1830 Andrew Jackson meets with Chickasaw delegation at Franklin masonic hall to discuss terms for a treaty but the choctaw Native Americans backed out of the meeting at the last minute, but the Chickasaws agree to relocate from their land on August 27, 1830, the next month on September 27 the Choctaws sign the Treaty Of The Dancing Rabbit arranging their Removal. On March 18, 1831 Cherokee Nation v. Georgia court case is decided by the Supreme court that they could not help the Cherokee nation as it had no Jurisdiction in the matter. On March 3, 1832 Worcester vs. Georgia Court case is decided by the Supreme court that since Native tribes were sovereign entities they were not required to follow the Georgia law stating U.S. citizens could not wander into Cherokee lands making the Supreme Court Invalidating the law for them. On March 24, 1832 the Creek Native Americans agree to Cede their lands to the United States and remove themselves for relocation. In 1832 from April 6-August 2 the Black Hawk War Begins leading them is Tribe leader Black Hawk fighting the U.S. over land disputes with multiple Native tribes assisting in the

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