Andrew Jackson : The Second President Of The United States Of America

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Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States of America, brave, tough, and mean as a snake but how did he get that way? He was born in South Carolina to his newly emigrated family. His father died soon after he was born, so his mother raised three kids by herself and some Irish immigrant farmers. When he was thirteen he and his brothers joined the Revolutionary war to fight the British. His oldest brother died in battle, but Jackson and his other brother were captured. Jackson disobeyed his captors and was cut with a sword also him and his brother got smallpox in captivity. When they were released because of a prisoner exchange his brother shortly died from sickness. Jackson recovered but his mother died of cholera and …show more content…

Although he thought that the people should have a say in government he didn 't fight for slaves, women, or Native Americans to have their opinions heard. In fact he signed the Indian Removal Act, which moved Cherokee tribe out of Georgia into an Indian reservation in the West. Actually the Supreme Court ruled this unlawful in the case of Worcester v. Georgia in 1832, but when Georgia ignored the ruling Jackson didn 't complain. Jackson had a chance to stop the trail of tears from happening and saving about four thousand Cherokee Indians. Jackson believe the people in charge of the bank of the US were crooked and the bank would needed to be crushed. So, when the bill for the charter for the Second Bank of the United States came up he immediately vetoed it. He then decided to deposit the federal fund of the United States in pet 23 pet banks. Nicholas Biddle the head of the back fought back as hard as he could but Jackson was determined and frankly he didn 't listen to anyone but the people. Jackson issued his own form of paper currency (banknotes) that were backed by Specie Circular, which was usually silver or gold coins. The extreme inflation of the economy started after Jackson dismantled the Second bank of the US. The inflation was caused by the banks issuing banknotes that were unbacked by the Specie Circular. This was a big part of starting the Panic of 1837, it wasn 't the only reason but one of the biggest. When building our country the founding

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