Essay on Anger and Violence in Of Mice and Men

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In ‘Of Mice and Men,’ anger and violence is of common recurrence. Anger, as shown by many characters, is always around because of fear, jealousy and anxiety.
is always the source of this anger, whether it be toward him, because 
of him, or from him. One of the first characters to portray anger in John Steinbeck’s Novel is George, Lennies companion. Straight away in the Novel, anger is shown towards 
Lennie, Georges anger is because Lennie wants something they do not have, and because it is Lennie who is ‘pleading,’ George is Expected to have it. This is only due to Lennies innocence. George tells him, "Well we aint got no ketchup!" his anger is clearly 
out of frustration, as he goes on to talk about how he could do "Whatever the
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Another part of the Novel, where both anger and violence is shown is in Curley. Curley once was a welterweight boxing champion, but now he is older and his dream has ended, he has become the son of ‘the boss’ at the ranch. Both of these elements leave Curley always getting annoyed with most ranch workers and trying to show off to them but all this gets him is people who hate him. yes, it makes him feel in-charge and the boss, which he is not but his anger and hatred towards others leaves him socially out on his own with no-one to talk to, this then aggravating him further making him much more violent. Also, in the Novel, Curley gets intimidated by much bigger men, so Curley tries to turn that around and make the much bigger man (in this case Lennie) feel unwelcome but all this does is that Curley ends up being even more socially out on his own which then makes him want to show who is ‘the boss’ (or in this case the bosses son) and starts getting aggressive, then starting a fight with Lennie. Curley starts this fight with Lennie because Curley wants himself to still believe he has the power to be a welterweight champion again fighting against much bigger men and when Curley fights Lennie, he is taught a lesson by Lennie and knows that he needs to calm his life down and make some friends. This example of
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