Animal Assisted Therapy And Human Relations

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Introduction Animal Assisted Therapy is an area of Human Relations. Human Relations deals with counseling and Therapy. The use of animals help people relax and deal with the issues, problems and stresses in their lives. People see the unconditional love of the animal as acceptance as they are broken and hurt. Therapists have chosen Animal Assisted Therapy because they want to help people. The use of animals create a safe transition to conversation. People find the common love of an animal and feel more comfortable to talk. The use of Animal Assisted Therapy reportedly dates back to the 1940’s when an army corporal brought his Yorkshire Terrier to a hospital to cheer wounded soldiers. There was such a positive response that the dog …show more content…
Upon visiting a practitioner of animal assisted therapy, there are many different animals used in animal assisted therapy. From dogs and cats, to horses to even dolphins, each of which may require traveling to the site where the animals are maintained (“Animal Assisted Therapy.” - Dr. Weil 's Wellness Therapies. Web. 3 Dec. 2015.). The salary of an Animal Therapist can range from 38,000 up to 150,000 a year based on the level of education. The median yearly salary is around 103,960 dollars (“Animal Assisted Therapy major.” Careers for Animal Assisted Therapy Majors. Web. 4 Dec. 2015.).
Typical Day The typical day of an Animal Assisted Therapist that travels to clients locations starts early. The animals that will be used that day need to be fed and checked out for injury or wellness. An animal that doesn 't feel well is not a good choice for therapy. Animals must be loaded and secured safely in the vehicle when traveling to a client. When arriving at a client 's location, the therapist must check in with the front desk, if visiting a nursing home or hospital. Animals help elderly clients find relief from loneliness and depression. There is typically no preparation needed for therapy when animals come to visit. In a hospital setting, volunteers will usually bring their animals at specific times, and patients are welcome to pet, talk to, and interact with them (“Animal Assisted Therapy.” - Dr.
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