Animal Farm Napoleon Speech

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The day after all victory celebrations, we began the rebuilding of the windmill. Boxer's battle wounds still haven't healed, but he insists on getting enough work done before he retires (which is foolish because his lungs wont last forever). Squealer still contends that we do not have a food shortage, and that things are getting better, but the way I see it, things have always gone bad for us and always will, and none of his statistics or fancy words will ever change it. Last autumn four sows gave birth to Napoleon's thirty one piglets. I noticed that the pigs are treating themselves better than they treat others, just like the richer humans treat the poorer ones. For example, young pigs now wear green ribbons on their tails on Sundays, and all animals must stand aside if a pig is walking on the same path. Furthermore, they're discouraged from playing with other animals, and Napoleon has ordered us to build them a schoolhouse. Not only is there inequality within young animals, but only pigs can have beer, vote, and eat special meals. They even reserved the entire barely field for themselves. You never see them doing any labor, but they swear that they work more than we do by filling papers with writing, then burning them. Nevertheless, we sing more songs, hold more progressions, and have more speeches. Every week Napoleon holds a "Spontaneous Demonstration". It's designed to commemorate the making of "Animal Farm". To begin we march in a ridiculus military

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