Animals And Animal Rights

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Introduction, animals that are being tested safety of their products that’s been a subject of an intense debate for over 10 years. While, a lot of people that alleged animals, the remained animals are being subjugated by the research cosmetics companies all over the country/all over the world. Even though, the scientists frequently profit from animal research, I don’t think all the suffering, the pain, and the animals dying are worth just trying find out the human benefits from the products. Foremost, the animal’s rights were dishonored when they are used in experiments. Humans and animals are very similar in a lot of ways, such as both humans and animals think, they behave, experience pain and they have feelings too. Therefore, animals must remain preserved with the same admiration as us humans. Even though, the animal’s rights had been dishonored when they’re being used in examination because they can’t say no. The Animals are endangered because of the tests, the tests often cause permanent damage or even death. The animals never have the option if they want to do the experiment. Animals don’t just freely give up themselves for the development for new technology. The scientist makes the animals decision for them whether they like it or not. Their decisions are made for them because they cannot tell them what they do or don’t want to happen to them. When the scientist chooses the animals destiny in their experimental environments, the animal’s rights are taken away

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