Animals And Entertainment : The Use Of Animals In Entertainment

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Animals in Entertainment Animals are used for a wide variety of entertainment including zoos, circuses, animal fights/races, and a mass amount of other media. This topic is controversial due to the entertainment brought to the audience who is either oblivious or negligent to the abuse of the animals. Many animals utilized in the entertainment industry suffer, whether by the intentional hands of the owner or the side effects of safety being provided. Local zoos are attractions loved by children and adults the same. Seeing the animal in their ‘natural habitat’ is appealing to the children. Kids are able to learn about the animals and their lifestyles through the information boards and interactive learning exhibits. However much they may learn, they are children who smile and point at the animal for all of about five minutes before it is on to the next exhibit. The creatures are held in cages barely suitable for their needs and desires to run and play. Let alone the limited interaction with other animals of the same species, many of the cages containing larger species contain one maybe two animals. The Sedwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas recently (within the past few years) acquired funding to construct a bigger and more beneficial habitat for the elephants. With of course some major limitations, the elephants who desire, by nature, vast open plains to run and play are limited to way less than a square mile. Animals are given what is need to survive, not

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