Animals and Its Beneficial Uses to Man

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ANIMALS AND ITS BENEFICIAL USES TO MAN. 1. DOGSIt’s been proven that owning a dog can help you feel more relaxed, lessen medical visits, and even prevent heart attacks. It seems owners have created a tight-knit bond with dogs, sometimes referring to them as “part of the family”. So… really thinking about it, dogs are actually human’s best friend.Dogs are social creatures too just like us; they love to play and socialize. Sometimes, they may steal a treat off the table when we turn our backs, but I think we can let that slide as a repayment for their steadfast loyalty, love and non-judgment (especially when the sink is piled with dishes). | 2. WATER BUFFALO Bubalus bubalis or carabao is like a sort of like a four-legged,…show more content…
Fruits such as papaya, guava, mangos, and so on can be spread in this way. The bats that eat nectar (the Nectarivores) pollinate the visited plants (such as pineapples) in a plant-bat relationship of "mutualism" called chiropterophily. Fruit bats help to distribute plants (and the resulting forests) by carrying the fruits with them or transferring the seeds elsewhere--either by spitting them out or eliminating them. Fruits such as papaya, guava, mangos, and so on can be spread in this way. | 6. FISHES- Fish oil is one way to get omega-3s, but the Harvard Men's Health Watch points out that eating fish provides other important nutrients like selenium, antioxidants, and protein. What's more, people who eat fish tend to consume less meat and cheese, and they may add other healthy foods to their diets, such as vegetables and brown rice. But there is a small "catch" to this potent health food. Fish may absorb contaminants found in the waters. Methyl mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are of particular concern. The Harvard Men's Health Watch explains that while pregnant women and children should limit intake of high-mercury species — swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish, among others — eating these fish is much less worrisome for adults. Farmed fish such as salmon have little mercury, but they may have PCBs. The Harvard Men's Health Watch recommends removing the skin and fat before cooking to minimize exposure.
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