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Anjalique Raghunauth Mr. MacLachlan ENG3UO January 20th, 2017 Written Report Exposition The story opens with the main character, Okonkwo, a wealthy farmer, who is known for being a brave and honourable man. As well as one of the best and greatest wrestlers, that lives in Umuofia Village, Nigeria, around 1890. Growing up Okonkwo hated his father’s laziness and used it as his motivation to push through and become one of the greatest wrestlers. Using his motivations, he approached Nwakibie (a rich villager), to borrow yam seeds and start his own plantation. That year was a year of disasters for his crops but Okonkwo still vowed to survive and accomplish is goals. As part of a punishment for another tribe, they had to give a virgin girl …show more content…

If it wasn’t for Uchendu, preventing Okonkwo from hurting his son, he would have been dead. So, instead of killing him, he disowns his son and hosts a feast for Uchendu and his family, in gratitude. Upon returning to Umuofia, he discusses the missionaries and people converting to Christianity with Obierika. During this time he becomes more and more passive, watching and lamenting the coming of the missionaries. His rage results in him taking violent action, even to the point of killing the missionaries, but never went through with it Instead he and his followers burnt the church down. To discuss the events that occurred, a meeting was called by the District Commissioner, requesting Okonkwo to be there. Walking into the meeting, Okonkwo and five other clan members were ambushed. Resulting in the arrest of Okonkwo. Climax In prison, he is singled out and beaten, and vowed his revenge upon his release. His vow leads him to kill the smug Christian messenger. Okonkwo shows that he is ready to fight or die for his culture. While the rest of the village is split in half, on their decisions on going to war. Falling Action The falling action is the death of Okonkwo and the decision the clan made not doing anything. Okonkwo’s death was mainly because of himself, he couldn’t deal with the drastic changes and kills himself, leaving his body to be found. Character Okonkwo being

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