Anne Lamott’S Great Wisdom On How To Write Shares Many

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Anne Lamott’s great wisdom on how to write shares many profound ideas to which all fiction writers can reflect when writing, and all readers to pay close consideration. In her book entitled Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, Lamott introduces ways that will assist any writer whose main focus is to build a strong and effective plot. She provides many ideas that writers often don’t acknowledge. While I agree that all fictional stories are most comprehensible and intressant if they involve a changing character/characters, there are countless of fiction stories that do not share these common steps introduced by Lamott. These fictions may include tight structures of one single step. Nevertheless, I agree with Anne Lamott’s …show more content…

This means that most fictional short stories would need to involve some sort of a climatic stage where at least one or more characters are fully involved in steps that helps divide the fictional story into a beginning, a climax (escalation of the conflict), and finally an end (the conflict is solved). John Updike’s short story entitled “A&P”, shared many similar ideas and “rules” that are found in the writing guide Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. For an example, as mentioned earlier, Lamott advised that climaxes, which tend to occur near the end of the story, should lead or result in a change in at least one character. She also stresses: “If someone isn’t changed, then what is the point of your story?” This seems especially important and reflective considering Updike’s short story. It turns out that this short story begins with three girls in bathing suits commanding the main character Sammy’s attention as he completes his shirt in the store. As Sammy, also the narrator, provides an in-depth detail of the half naked girls, he unknowingly grows this tone of satisfaction and rising curiosity. This is especially true about the second character which is one of the girls. Sammy narrates that “she was the queen. She kind of led them, the other two peeking around and making their shoulders round.” (Updike. 1). He seems to also

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