Anne Rodney: A Character Analysis

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Anne: I only have one dream.
Rodney: What dream is that Anne.
Barb: Don't get her started. I hate it when she puts herself through this. They took her away a long time ago, Mom. For all we know she could be dead.
Anne: Don't you ever say that. Don't you ever say that again? She's alive. I know she is. In here (points to her heart) and out there. I want my baby back. We can use this money to hire one of them private detectives to track her down. You talk about her like she wasn't part of this family. She was a part of this family before you were even born. She's your older sister. Why do you think the money came now? It's a gift from God, his way of telling me he wants us to be a family again. CLAUDIUS: Stay, give me drink.—Hamlet, this pearl

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