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Annotated Bibliography University of Maryland University College Annotated Bibliography Ghosh, C. (2013). Affordable Care Act: Strategies to Tame the Future. Physician Executive, 39(6), 68-70. In this particular journal about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the author Ghosh attempts to prove which areas of the medical sector will have the most impact. The research will show that the relationship between the newer technologies with improved electronic health record, providing care for the less fortunate, and reducing unnecessary medical expenses. The author summarizes how the ACA promotes specific representations of care such as the Accountable Care Organizations enabling future expansions in…show more content…
As a peer reviewed and scholar to the Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School, the authors continues to discuss the future of reconstructing the MA program and the Affordable Care Act providing the level of quality services to individuals. Their descriptive analysis through medical payment reductions and critical suggestions among programs provide well-informed research results. Shoven, J. B., & Slavov, S. (2014). Recent Changes in the Gains from Delaying Social Security. Journal Of Financial Planning, 27(3), 32-41. In this particular influential article by Shoven and Slavov, they attempt to show how delaying social security benefits can ultimately increase your future lifetime benefits. They continue to summarize how the benefits can be claimed at a later age providing an increase in social security benefits for not only the individual but also and beneficiary. Despite the debate from others believing on delaying Social Security benefits and their methodologies and strategies for compensation, by considering them as scholarly experience professor’s definitely has significant influence among their peers. Their descriptive analysis charts, bold examples, and critical suggestions provide well-informed research results. Shoven and Slavov are no strangers in writing articles, and theories on the social security reform and is considered an effective,
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