Anorexia Nervosa Case Study Paper

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Anorexia Nervosa is usually psychological as well as possibly an eating disorder which is life-threatening well-defined by a tremendously low body weight comparative to stature, great and needless weight loss, fear of gaining weight and distorted discernment of an individual’s self-image and body. There are several clinical factors of this eating disorder, and they are the following: the victim has a tendency of fearing his normal body weight where in this case, a person fears to be fat. In other words, the fear of normal body weight is very common in this eating disorder which is observed as a pathognomonic of the situation. In the case of Joshua, his parents should understand that he fears to get fat such that he already feels that his body …show more content…

This will make them feel that their son is not the only one who is suffering from the order and start accepting that he has an eating disorder. I would also make them understand that it is not an offense that Joshua does not like his body image and encourage them to offer advice to him whenever they are together so as to make his feeling that his body size and image is right. Additionally, I would also encourage them to inspire their son to eat so as to avoid the medical consequences which are related with anorexia nervosa. Evidently, since the eating disorder is characterized by a cycle of self-starvation, it means that the body is often denied the important nutrients needed to function in a normal way. Therefore, the body is forced to cut and slow down its functions in order to conserve some energy which results in serious medical conditions such as abnormal slow heart rate resulting in low pressure, meaning that the heart muscle is varying. In this case, the risk of having heart failure increases since the blood pressure is low. Additionally, there are issues of kidney failure because of severe dehydration; muscles tend to weaken, loss of hair due to dry skin and hair, reduction of the density of the bones, anemia due to lack of enough …show more content…

Different age groups of people require different hours of sleep. Children and adolescents require nine to eleven hours of sleep per day. Adults need 7-9 hours, yet some people feel better sleeping lesser hours even with those guidelines. It is true that alcohol helps people sleep faster, but sleep is disrupted once the level which is in the blood starts to fall. It might lead to waking up and difficulties to fall back to sleep. It is true that depression and anxiety may lead to lead to insomnia but for a short time. People should understand that insomnia is not only brought by depression, but chronic pain, bad side-effects of a particular medication, worries and stress are also known to cause long-term insomnia (Okun et al., 2009). Depression and anxiety should not keep an individual awake for a long time but only for a short time. Additionally, the myth that it is right the lie in bed sleepless is not true. Everyone requires sleep during the day or at night, and it is necessary for the body and the brain to function properly. Notably, sleep is good for relaxing the brain in adults and in children, sleep is important for development (Szelenberger, 2006). One should not be fooled that sleep is not necessary, but those people with insomnia should practice relaxation techniques for them to fall asleep. It is true that people tend to sleep few hours as they

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