Anorexia Nervosa Essay

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Anorexia Nervosa
     A lot of people including men not just women often dream about having the perfect body. Some may work hard for it and others may think they cannot achieve that dream. In our society, we seem to make body image appear to be almost one of the most important things. Young girls less then thirteen years of age can start to see themselves as being "fat" even if they are thin. In fashion magazines for instance, you will hardly ever see pictures of overweight or slightly overweight people. They are filled with runway models who are so skinny it looks as if they are sick with a disease or are cracked out on drugs. How can people think that looking that way is attractive? It's so
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The National Institute of Mental Health states that one in ten cases of anorexia ends in death from immense starvation, suicide or medical complications that include heart attacks or kidney failure. More problems that do harm physically are anemia, heart palpitations, bone loss, tooth decay and inflammation of the esophagus. Many people may think that anorexics don't think about food or are not hungry but that's what anorexics always think about. The feeling of being hungry but not actually eating makes them feel they have control over themselves and their lives. It makes people feel they have accomplished something that being losing weight.
     After a certain amount of time has passed, people with anorexia should begin to show some warning signs. The warning signs include a frequent amount of exercising, the feeling of being cold all the time, loss of scalp hair, an increase growth of body hair, feelings of being fat when the person is too thin, irregular periods or none at all, refusal to eat and a fear of gaining weight. When people with anorexia are told they need to seek treatment, they are usually in denial and are convinced there is nothing wrong with them. "Anorexia is a mental problem manifested in a physical form. Treatment for any eating disorder should include both a mental

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