Anthem Character Analysis

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Anthem: Character Development- Equality “Change is certain. Progress is not.”, in the so-called perfect society, there is no progress and they are yet to develop, although, there are some people who defy these odds and develop into different people (Carr). The main character, Equality, has many obstacles to overcome but has yet to discover who he truly is. Although, as the story goes on, he starts to discover new things about himself, his purpose, and starts to realize he is not a part of this “perfect society”. The word “I” makes one an individual, however in Anthem, the word “I” is lost and there is no individual, just the collective people working for a common goal. Equality is set on a journey to find out who he truly is while …show more content…

And we have discovered it alone, and we are alone to know it.”(Rand 52), which leads him to feel a great sense of pride and ownership. Coming back to the importance of this tunnel, it allows him to free himself and to be at peace, “in our heart, there is the first peace we have known in twenty years.” (Rand 37), and not only that, this tunnel helps Equality's intelligence develop a great deal as he states, “And in those two years we have learned more than we had learned in the ten years of the Home of the Students.”(Rand 36). Ever since the beginning of the book, Equality always knew there was something missing, he just couldn't find out what it was. It wasn’t an object or something you could see or touch, it was a word, and that word was “I”. It doesn’t seem like it affects the characters, but this word is keeping them from learning the true meaning of self. The council knows this, and decides to keep it a secret, but why, some would say this word would benefit society a great deal, but the Council begs to differ. It is as though they want to keep every single member in check and to keep them from developing and surpassing this beat down, slow-moving society. In this society, there are different kinds of punishments for different violations, but there is only one that is punishable by death, speaking the “Unspeakable Word”. There

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