Antisocial Personality Disorder ( Adhd )

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Many people believe that antisocial personality disorder is a façade for criminals to receive lesser sentences by being diagnosed with a medical disorder. However, antisocial personality disorder is not just having and being a sociopathic person; it is a constant struggle. Antisocial personality disorder is a rare personality disorder with mental conditions that has short and long-term effects on a patient’s life. This literature review aims to characterize antisocial personality disorder by addressing the following questions:
1. What is antisocial personality disorder?
2. What are the symptoms of antisocial personality disorder?
3. What are the causes of antisocial personality disorder?
4. Are there treatments for antisocial personality disorder?
Being able to outline the possible diagnosis process, offer examples, and state any current evaluation and treatment that are available for addressing antisocial personality disorder can help people understand and recognize what antisocial personality disorder is.
What is Antisocial Personality Disorder?
Like other personality disorders, antisocial personality disorder, is associated with “socially irresponsible, exploitative, and guiltless behavior” (Black, 2015). Individuals diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder are most likely to alienate themselves from others, violate the law, and behave in an immoral manner. Additionally, individuals with antisocial personality disorder are known to treat others brutally wrong and…
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