Antisocial Personality Disorder in the Film The Talented Mr. Ripley

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The crucial characteristic of antisocial personality disorder is repeated lack of concern for and violation of the rights of others. Other core features of this disorder are manipulation and deceit. The antisocial person feels no remorse for hurting others. They may become irritable and aggressive. People with antisocial personality disorder lack responsibility and fail to plan ahead.
The film I chose to view this week was “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. Tom Ripley is the main character in this film. I feel that Tom could be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. Throughout the film we see Tom in situations where he lies, lies more to cover up his previous lies, and kills others to prevent them from discovering his lies.
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Throughout the film we see Tom lie and manipulate to get closer to Dickie until eventually he tries to become him.
Tom first introduces himself as Dickie when he arrives at the airport in Italy and runs into another American named Meredith. While Meredith knows of Dickie, she does not know him so this is an opportunity for Tom to strike up a relationship with her. Upon meeting Dickie, Tom tries to get close to him. He studies Dickie, his mannerisms, his handwriting, his interests, and the way he speaks. All, so he could pretend to be him.
After some time, Mr. Greenleaf realizes that Dickie will not return home and cuts off Tom’s allowance. While Tom believed he was good friends with Dickie, Dickie decided that he and Tom need not hang out together anymore. This conversation happened on a small boat. You see Tom become quite upset at the thought of Dickie abandoning him. He confronts Dickie on his lack of concern for others and how Dickie leads people on. Dickie returns the verbal blows by confronting Tom on his weird attachment to Dickie which leads to Tom striking Dickie with an Oar and then later striking him again until Dickie is dead. After Dickie’s death, Tom proceeds to pretend to be Dickie. Later in the film one of Dickie’s friends comes to visit Dickie but only finds Tom, who comments that Tom is the only thing that looks like Dickie. The

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