Anxious : My Mother And Mother

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Anxious. Anxious was the way I felt when I got the call. Just a couple of months ago I got a call regarding my mother, she had been in a terrible car accident. My grandfather called me while I was miles away telling me what happened and how bad her injuries were. I wasn't only upset because my mom had gotten in this terrifying car wreck. A big part of it was that my mom and I didn’t have a relationship that a daughter and mother should have. We weren't on the best of terms because I didn’t respect most of the choices she made. I had lived a life without my mom for quite a while. As I sat miles there away while my mom was in emergency surgery all I could think about is what, would happen if I ever lost her and how bad I would feel if she did die. Even though she hasn't been in my life she still had a very big part of it and always will. On Good terms or bad terms, she was still my mother but in the past, I failed to realize that.Some people say it takes something tragic to open someone's eyes, and I never believed it until a tragic event opened mine. We weren't always on bad terms. We actually used to be very close. My mom was once my Best friend. When I was 12, I walked in on my mom doing drugs. That was the day I lost all respect for her, that was the day I told her I hated her. I was more confused than anything because of how much I did look up to my mom but then I became angry at everything and everyone.Most 12-year old would be in shock and sad. I was angrier then I

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