Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town Essay

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In literature, the modernist movement began around the turn of the century and dramatically changed the way author’s viewed their work. The new change in writers’, immensely affected the new conception of the world and human beings’ place in it. Through their writings the author’s conveyed their fears and attitudes towards their impending doom, thus sparking the change in the literary world today. In modernism there are a few key themes that E.E. Cummings exhibits in, anyone lived in a pretty how town, the most prevalent are paradox in the form of cycles, the idea of a menacing death, and abnormal poetic structuring of the poem. A paradox is one many common modern literature represented is through themes of cycles. Death, common among this piece of modern literature reflects on the destruction of one’s life. The frequent writing style of the author’ is another element of modern literature is which exemplifies the …show more content…

Cummings “Anyone lived in a pretty how town,” is one of many examples of modernist poetry. The writer uses many elements of modernism throughout the poem, the usage of poetic devices and themes of modernism are very well exhibited. This poem displays unorthodox structures and improper grammar, as well as time manipulation to convey the deeper truth of humanity’s existence. The true meaning of birth, death, and all that lies in the middle, this is the natural cycle and the order in which life goes. And the destruction that leads to the ultimate death of the natural cycle and order of life when our lives are most monstrous, filled with routine tasks, unachieved ambition, and lack of an implosive lifestyle. This style of writing forces the reader to consider life in a different aspect, to rethink the true meaning of living, which is infected with a sickness of likeness and lack of excitement. The underlining message to all his readers is to live life to the fullest one of the many lessons modernism

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