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Among the rugged landscapes of the island of Karpathos, Greece lies a small beach named Apella. Looking out my balcony as the sun gently began to peek through the horizon, I watched the sun’s rays stretch over the large expanse of deep blue waters. The heat from the sun enveloped me like a warm blanket and made me feel a comfort I’ve never experienced before. This image brought a sense of calmness over me and made me feel like I was finally home. Glancing around the house, I envisioned myself as a child chasing my cousins in and out of bedrooms and playing games with my grandfather. To some people, Karpathos acts a popular vacation spot. However, Karpathos served as the setting to the summers of my youth. Apella not only possesses physical beauty, but it evokes special memories of my grandfather from my childhood.
In 1954, my grandfather Elias Dimarhos took the journey from Greece to America with fifty dollars in his pocket. In pursuit of the American dream and a better life for his family, my grandfather settled in Brooklyn, New York and began searching for work. He eventually purchased a hot dog stand where he and his family worked in order to make a decent living. Through the bone
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I cherished every day with my grandfather, considering i would not visit him until the following summer. Nothing ever compared to the sight of glistening sun kissed waters on our early morning walks down to the beach or our daily swims through the crystal clear ocean. My grandfather introduced me to visitors from all around the world, and they returned each year to Apella in order to see my grandfather again. At the end of a long day, I always looked forward to the home cooked meal my grandmother prepared using fresh ingredients from our farm. We would dine on freshly grilled fish along with roasted lamb as the sun gradually began to sink into the

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