Archimedes Accomplishments

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The year is 287 B.C.E, Alexander the Great Has been dead for fifty years and the kingdom he left to his generals has begun to fracture. Around 300 B.C.E the Punic Wars began, throwing Greece into disarray. The Hellenistic Age is coming to a close. However, at least one good thing came of this year. One of the greatest engineers in history is born. His name is Archimedes and he will change the world. Archimedes life, achievements, and effect on the modern world of engineering make him one of the most prominent and important figures in the ancient world. Unfortunately little is known about the life of Archimedes. In 287 B.C.E he was born in Syracuse. His father was an astronomer named Pheidias and as a man he traveled to Alexandria to study …show more content…

The Law of the Lever is one of Archimedes more prestigious discoveries. When he made his discovery the fulcrum was already in use. However Archimedes was the first to discover that a longer lever made lifting easier. Storys say that Archimedes once said, “Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I will move the world.” Another extremely important innovation by Archimedes was the pulley. He created a complex system of pulleys that allowed him to lift almost anything. Another story says that a team of men, after great effort dragged a trireme onto the beach.The men all boarded the ship along with their animals and Archimedes was able to lift the ship and move it easily by himself. The Archimedes Screw was another impressive invention by Archimedes. The screw is massive and capable of lifting water from the ground. It is still used today in some third-world countries.Other inventions by Archimedes included, the concept of buoyancy. He proved that, when building boats, the material does not matter so much as how spread out it is. Archimedes was also the first person to accurately estimate the value of pi. These are only a few of Archimedes most prestigious achievements. As previously stated, many of the works of Archimedes have been lost, however imagine what other incredible feats of engineering this man may have

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