Are People Naturally Good Or Evil Essay

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A well-known philosopher Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” On the basis of that idea, the question “Are humans naturally good or evil?” has been violent controversy by philosophers for many years and a lot of philosophers have printed many articles in its long history on the exact nature of the good or evil. In the current, it is still one of the unanswerable issue. All things considered, according to Thomas Hobbes idea, I strongly argue that human nature is evil. There are some visible reasons to support my viewpoint. In the outset, Yale University has done an experiment before that put some toddlers in the same room and watch how they will fight over a toy. The more aggressive toddlers will take the toy and the weaker toddler can’t take the toy will cry. However, the other toddlers has no remorse and the toddler who take the toy still play that toy. Through this experiment people can see that the toddler is selfish and they only care what they already have. With this situation, people only…show more content…
In order to have more land and wealth, people at all costs start the war. Evil of the human nature incite people never live contentedly even sacrifice other’s life. In fact, it’s no doubt that there have a lots of good people in the world and this is a world filled with love and power. Nevertheless, this is partly depend on the future education and knowledge. Due to people keep learning and studying, they grow up and improve a lots and finally become a good person. In conclusion, from my perspective, I strongly believe that humans are naturally evil. Just like what Xunzi said (a famous philosopher in the China), “Human nature is evil, and goodness is caused by intentional activity.” So people should keep studying and learning to change human nature become
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