Are You A Bias Tv Viewer Analysis

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The Viewer The viewer as always will watch the news to be inform and get caught up with what's going on around the world. Validation does not mean to agree or support someone else's opinion, viewers tend to watch news that might get their attention and goes with what believe it's right. What viewers want is just to hear what they want to hear, feel that they are doing what it s right. The news does their job to inform the people by showing one side of the story and not the other. There are times where news confuse people because one might say one thing about the topic and then another source says something completely different about the same topic. The news should shows the facts on both sides of the problem and make the viewer decide which side support. And that should be by showing facts that informs the viewer and help understand the problem. …show more content…

During the conversation Mr.Goldberg mention “people who watch the news want their biases opinions to be validated… liberals tend to watch liberal news where they get there biased validated”. He published a book title BIAS and many people that disagree with Goldberg didn't even read the book and that many people hate him and he was also consider a treater. Stossel mention one thing that is true in the end of their conversation with Goldberg he finish by saying “we watch news cast that fits our assumptions.” Stossel and goldberg agree that viewers watch news that validates their opinions and that they don't go to the other news sources that aren't´ literals. Goldberg mention that after he wrote the book there were some people that he consider friends stop talking to him but never told him why they disagree with him. News reporters think that they are showing the truth to the viewers but in a way where they just say what they think the viewer needs to know in liberal

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