Arguement Against Shankara’s Ideas of Reality Essay

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Shankara’s Advaita Vedanta means the end or completion of knowledge and also means “the end of Veda.” It originated from the Upanishads (sitting near the teacher) and is the Hindu Philosophy of the non- dualistic school. Shankara explains Vedanta in greater details in the Crest- Jewel of Discrimination, which are timeless teachings on nonduality. Vedanta’s main goal is to sustain that human life is to recognize Brahman which is the crucial reality and to be combined with the mystical ground of the universe. Shankara believes that Brahman is the one true reality and everything else is just delusion. Atman which is the personal self is but Brahman simply. In this paper I will argue with Shankara’s idea that something can only be real…show more content…
Since we would just kill each other since we feel no love towards anyone. Things can indeed be modified, but knowledge should be as well because we cannot always think the same way for life, we must become more open minded, and want to try new things and learn new things or we will forever never learn to grow or prosper. In Advaita Vedanta, a jiva (living being) is a deceived soul under the misguided idea of duality and separation. He is bound to the series of births and deaths and rules of karma as far as he is not unrestricted from the objective reality to which he is subject. The world that we see is illusory, a form or deception or a hallucination that we experience because of the actions of senses and the mind. Man can achieve salvation by realizing his real nature and overcoming this duality, extracting his senses and forming detachment, dispassion and will. Adaviata Vedenta trusts that an educated guru, having the knowledge of both the scriptures and Brahman, is crucial for anyone seeking salvation. I don’t believe that as a living being though that the world I live in is false; to me it is very real. In contrary I feel that in dreams it feels unreal. The world is magnificent and nobody knows who truly created it maybe it was God or Braham, but no one truly knows. When I am living I can use the five senses in this world. If the world is not real, then there
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