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Marriage: Prep-Course for Sikh Faith
Sikh marriage is not merely a physical and legal relationship but is a holy union between two souls where physically they appear as two individual bodies but in fact are united as one. However, with each new generation more South Asian children adopt modernized beliefs and choose a different style of getting married, as opposed to common marriage at the temple. The course would be a valuable resource to prepare couples for marriage and orient them toward a shared, Sikh-centered life. Because Sikh values, Sikh rituals, and commitment is central to Sikh marriage, therefore a marriage preparation course is required for all intending to marry into the Sikh faith. The course will not demolish Sikh
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Lastly, committing to Sikh religion is by knowing and enacting the values and the rituals, which couples tend to deceit. The Sikh vows and taking amrit, is a way for an individual to seal one’s inner commitment to oneself with the power of one’s word. There are two levels couples cannot commit in Sikhism. They naturally evolve from one another. Sikh vows are simple statements of commitment, understanding, and self-discipline. The vows abstain of cutting your hair, refraining from meat, alcohol and other stimulants, maintaining a monogamous relationship with spouse, and committing to meditation and prayer each day. Couples do not devote to the vows rather satisfy themselves by eating meat, drinking alcohol, and cutting their hair. The most powerful vows on the path of Sikhism are amrit (Baptize), Sikhs undertake amrit ceremony when they are ready to do so and understand the commitment that they are making to the religion. Even though Sikhs are baptized, they don’t commit to baptism, still they use drugs, alcohol and do crime. Many wouldn’t understand these rituals or value most couples and individuals consider them tedious and not useful in marriage. Also many Sikh couples do not completely follow the teachings and still consider wealth as one of the factors while looking for their real soul mate. However the marriage preparation course would help couples to grasp on to these vows so they can
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