Argumentative Essay : ' Extremely Wordy Feminist Rant '

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Jacqueline Branch
English 1101
Colleen Boyle
26 November 2014

According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), approximately 207,500 rapes occur annually in the United States (“Statistics RAINN”). If we were to spread that out evenly over the 365 days of a year, that would equate to a sexual assault occurring every two minutes. Although the amount of rapes occurring annually has decreased by 60% since 1993 (“Statistics about Sexual Violence”), that’s still an incredible amount of sexual violence occurring yearly--- a facet of American culture that must be addressed. Although women are not the only victims of rape, and men are not the only perpetrators of rape, this essay will strictly refer to male-on-female cases of rape. The factors present in a society that naturalize or rationalize rape and sexual violence are known in Women’s Studies as ‘rape culture’. Many would deny its existence, but here in the United States, ‘rape culture’ is prevalent in the media, social roles, and in the way we educate our children about rape prevention. This gives rise to a society wherein rape is tolerated and even ignored, and it absolutely must be stopped. I will first outline the problematic facets of society that perpetuate rape culture, and then identify solutions to help eradicate the problem.
The reactions of our society to national news are heavily influenced by the media, and that includes our society’s perception of rape victims. A

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