Argumentative Essay On Christopher Columbus

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For ages, society has celebrated the significant accomplishments of explorers that shaped our world. One of these explorers is highlighted every year by the controversial federal holiday, Columbus Day. While Christopher Columbus made impressive advancements in the world of sea navigation, his evil virtues surrounding his success taints the good. After thorough research, this analyst concludes that Columbus had more vices than virtues.
Before presenting the support for this analyst’s claim, it is essential to establish the sources for the information. This conclusion was reached after consulting class notes, participating in class discussion, and reading credible websites. While some websites were more credible than others, the overall research gives a clear depiction of Christopher Columbus’ diverse nature.
Columbus was a complex human being who, like anyone else, demonstrated both repelling and rewarding qualities. Historians can not deny that Columbus opened up new possibilities for trans-Atlantic voyages, passionately shared the gospel, and was an example of perseverance to all. In class notes, it is found that Christopher Columbus truly never gave up. Even after the French, Spanish, and British rejected his plan for his original voyage, Columbus never stopped until he received the funding he needed. Columbus brought immense glory to Spain after he discovered the Americas and “the King and Queen of Spain rewarded him by sending him to the New World a total of four

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