Argumentative Essay On Civil Life

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Imagine waking up every day and hoping you won’t get shot today. You move through your day cautiously in order to make sure you can make it back to your bed every night. To some, this may be describing a war zone but for African Americans, this is a normal day in America. On top of all that you are now being asked to fight for a country that hates you. Many African Americans saw this harsh reality but there was nothing that could be done. Yet one African American of high power decided to risk everything he worked for in order to stand against the injustice in America. His name was Cassius Marcellus Clay or most commonly known as Muhammad Clay.
In order to understand why Clay took his stand, we must first recognize what had been going on at the time. Growing up in the sixties was very problematic for African Americans. As a black American, you were seen as second-class citizens. The chances of your child completing high school were fifty percent. On average you would earn half as much as a white American. Although you did have the ability to vote, there was various test such a literacy test that had to be done. This prevented many black Americans from voting because they did not have a proper education. Even after the famous Brown v. Board of education in 1959, which ended segregation in public schools, only around 1 percent of black children attended schools with white children. Although times were difficult it only made the hunger for equality for black Americans stronger.

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