Argumentative Essay On Poverty

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When I agreed to help my mother’s friend move into her new home in Parramore, Orlando, I was not prepared for what I was about to witness. While my mother was helping her friend move into the home, she was so scared of the car being robbed that she forced me to watch over it. In this neighborhood, every other home was either dilapidated or abandoned. Rundown buildings were seen on every corner, and children walked the streets without supervision. And even worse, a gentleman was starving to the point where he offered me drugs in exchange for food. I did not take the drugs, but instead, I walked him to the nearest gas station and bought him a sandwich and drink. I came back from the gas station and went home with my mother; I was not only astonished by this issue, but I was entirely speechless. Poverty and lack of opportunity is a grueling disease that has been plaguing lower-income areas of Orlando and South Florida for far too long. In these areas where resources and civil aid aren't abundant, the way we view this issue and our range of knowledge is also fueling what keeps these areas in a consistent bind. What keeps poverty as a persistent issue is our negative preconceived notions towards impoverished areas and our lack of awareness and knowledge upon the issue, but there is always a small solution that can manifest into a greater movement towards change. As FIU students who commute or live on campus, you see the areas that are struggling every day and we have the

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