Argumentative Essay On Poverty

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What does not discriminate against gender or race, and ultimately affects everyone? Poverty. The big bad wolf of an issue. Something we never consider until we dig ourselves into a hole. But what about us as a society, surely something must happen to the body when we are plagued with a disease as such. If someone below the poverty line suffers, can someone that's well above it be suffering as well because of a cause and effect relationship. After reading these New york times articles, as well as thinking a great deal of the idea of poverty in contrast to the mindset of someone who does thanks to the New York Times i've concluded that poverty is something that exists because an infinitum of scenarios, we could say it was the U.S government …show more content…

Though this plague consumes us by bit, we always seem ever vigilent in wanting to fight it. Llike every other challenged we as people have faced. But at this point it may seem that we have been fighting the same fight since hoover. Though we have made huge improvements over time, it may seem that we have lost steam. It may seem that we are on a slow fall to the ground, we are hearing the referee count off 6..7. At this point it may seem that any solution is lost or as effective as pepto to treat a cold. There is one last play, one last hail mary. The only way to kill poverty, is to destroy money, market, and the economy. Even at that theres the question of how will we function?

So far in these articles ive read, we always as a people seem to have an idea of how things function or work. We have ideas like the poverty line and the success sequence. These ideas however strong or daunting they may be, are only ideas that are barely grasping the full concepyt of them. Ive learned that we have improved, and that any slight improvement is deemed a great success. But ive noticed that all we have are ideas, ive noticed that however much improvement is we can still be in the negative. Ive noticed that everyone has the same list of ideas, but none of us know what to do; or even begin to have the thought process that can work out some

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